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For the past couple of years, I have felt a strong desire to really work on memorizing sections of Scripture. The psalmist says, “I have stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” (Psalm 119:11) I was envious of those who could call Scripture to mind without having to look it up and was especially motivated by worship leaders who effortlessly used memorized Scripture as part of the transitions between songs or as prayers during their worship time. But until this year, I had really struggled with it.

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Last week, God closed the door on a prayer request my family had been praying toward for several months. We were extremely disappointed even as we fell back on our faith that God always knows what He is doing. We got our answer Friday evening and one of the many thoughts that ran through my mind was that it might be difficult to lead worship on Sunday singing an uptempo song about the great things that God has done. I certainly didn’t feel like it in that moment.

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Although this blog is titled “Brian Beasley Music,” many of you may have wondered where the “music” part has been hiding! I’m happy to release my first song in a while, called “One Soul” and share it with all of you. A link to the song is at the bottom of this post – I hope you enjoy it.

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There is something in us that desires the attention of others. As our children demonstrate when they cry out, “Daddy! Watch this!”, this craving starts at a very young age. As we get older, we might tell ourselves that we would rather fit in and not be noticed, but we never stop searching for the approval of others. This doesn’t go away when we serve in a ministry position and perhaps becomes more difficult to deal with the more visible your area of ministry becomes.

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I’ve recently come back to blogging after having to step away from posting during a season where I served as the chair of a Pastor Search Committee. If you have spent any time at all serving in a local church, there are few things that cause more anxiety than the mention of, need for, and prospect of serving on a PSC. But back in August of 2017, I received a call from our senior pastor asking me to pray about whether I would be willing to serve on the committee that would be looking for the next one since he was retiring in 2018 after serving our church for 30+ years.

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